It's a miracle (Es ist wunderbar) 

Es war einmal in Israel
(Once upon a time in Israel)
in einer kalten Winternacht.
(in a cold dark Winternight)
Ein heller Stern war da zu sehn,
(There was a little lightning star in sight)
wunderbare Himmelsmacht.
(cause a little child was born)

is a
miracle miracle
of god
miracle for all mankind
miracle miracle miracle
of love
for all
the time

The shepherds around Bethlehem
heard a soft and lovely voice:
Go on down to Bethlehem
then you'll see the royal child.

Es ist wunderbar
wunderbar von Gott
wunderbar für alle Zeit.
Es ist wunderbar,
wunderbar für uns
wunderbare Weihnachtszeit

Melchior, Kaspar und Balthasar
kamen aus dem Orient,
Sie folgten dem Stern nach Bethlehem
zu dem neugeborenen Kind.

It's a miracle...

The little child called Jesus Christ
- we believe he's son of God -
laid down in a shabby crib
but the eyes shined all around.

It's a miracle ...

Now we remember the Holy Night
when God became a child
We celebrate the miracle
happy birthday Jesus Christ.

It's a miracle ...

Autor: Gert Holle (Text & Musik/Heidelberg 1993); Foto: Archiv - 25.12.2014